Shop Online

How does the program work?

In general, the process is super simple.
1. Visit the online web store and sign in using your assigned login credentials.
2. Make your product selections and place your order.
3. Your order is routed and assigned to the local serving dealer in your area.
4. The items are delivered to your place of business by the local dealer.

How does a company enroll?

Simply complete the online enrollment form or call 800-924-3543. We will verify membership and then establish an account specific to your business. Login credentials will be emailed to the contact's address provided. Administrators can login and setup other company users or departments.

How am I assured the best pricing?

Always use your provided login credentials. Your login is tied the the master contract as well as any pricing that has been adjusted specifically for your company. Don't forget, members always get preferred pricing, so please keep your membership up-to-date!

What happens if a company drops membership?

We recognize that making a change to an office supply ordering process can be disruptive to your business. That is why we simply do not drop the business from the program. Instead, we simply move the business to non-member pricing. Nothing else changes, just log in using the same credentials and the non-member pricing is reflected. When a business rejoins, we switch you back to the lower member-only pricing.

Can I contact a local serving dealer directly?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of this program. Although you are tied into a huge purchasing cooperative, your business is serviced locally. We strongly encourage you to develop a relationship with your servicing dealer. It is this local relationship that sets this program apart from all others.